Featured Projects

Medical Nutrition Illustration

Medical Nutrition

Gratuk's team identified a unique "food as medicine" opportunity and managed to process from concept to saleable product for a world leading medical nutrition product to manage blood glucose levels in people with Type 1 & 2 diabetes, as well as other insulin sensitivity conditions.

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Food Waste Illustration

Value Add From Food Waste Streams

Gratuk Technologies has combined extensive food manufacturing and pharmaceutical experience to create high value ingredients and products from common waste streams of agricultural and food processing. We are actively seeking parthers in this exciting new field

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Animal Health Illustration

Animal Health

Translating human health products to animals is often difficult. Gratuk has successfully developed products to releive diabetes, arthritis and other inflamatory diseases in cats , dogs and horses. We are also developing animal feeds for high quality agricultural outputs

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Other Projects Illustration

Other Projects

In addition to the major, project level, assignments Gratuk is often engaged for less extensive consulting projects. Fields covered in recent times include acute imflamation, Cytokine animal-based therapeutics, chromatography separation and custom analytical techniques

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