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Animal Health

Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from several metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, intestinal health issues and arthritis. Pet health is not covered under our national health scheme and treating these conditions in animals is significantly more expensive to treat in pets than if the owner suffered the condition themselves. Insulin for example, costs 10 times as much for a dog as it does for a person.

Expanding from Gratuk’s experience with humans, the team has developed medical nutrition products to treat these afflictions in our pets. Palatability and efficacy has been tested in cats and dogs, and the products have been reformulated for their individual needs. Gratuk has shown that these products relieve the symptoms of arthritis and manage blood glucose levels when included as part of the animal’s regular diet.

Gratuk Technologies is now in the process of acquiring regulatory approval and actively looking for partners to commercialise these products.

Inflammation management and speed of recovery is a significant issue for not only thoroughbred racing, but also dressage and recreational horses. Additionally, in the horse racing industry there are tight restrictions in what agents can be used and severe penalties for “doping”. Gratuk’s range of medical foods have been shown to have significant benefits to reducing inflammation and speeding recovering in horses and are completely legal without exclusion periods. In horse racing particularly, horses suffer from many intestinal issues due to the need to consume an artificial high grain diet. As well as providing inflammation relief, Gratuk’s products have proven benefits to maintaining the intestinal integrity of the animal. Gratuk Technologies has established palatability dosing regimens and small-scale studies and is ready to expand into the larger market. The nature of Gratuk’s food as medicine products means that pharmaceutical regulatory approvals are not required.