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Medical Nutrition


As Gratuk’s first move into medical nutrition, we developed an Australian and world first food as medicine product to manage blood glucose levels in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as other insulin sensitivity conditions such PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). The team was introduced to a unique ingredient being used for standard food manufacturing that we realised had the potential to positively impact metabolic disorders. Using our broad range of experience, we first confirmed the efficacy of the ingredient and then developed the product from concept to commercialisation.


Part of the process of developing the food as medicine product included a successful application for an Industrial Transformation Training Centre collaboration with Macquarie University. This highly competitive Australian Research Council grant scheme was used to train three PhD students, one in the area of microbiome analysis, one in inflammatory proteomics and the other in biochemical analysis techniques. This project continued a long-standing 23 year tradition of collaboration with world-class research universities.

Gratuk Technologies directly supervised the students and was involved in all aspects of planning and interpretation of the experimental data. Significant data was generated on the modes of action, efficacy compared to simple supplements such a psyllium husk and what micronutrients were present in the ingredients. Gratuk's team identified a unique food as medicine opportunity and managed to process from concept to saleable product for a world leading medical nutrition product for blood glucose management.

Once ingredients had been through rigourous analysis and selected, formulations were investigated to establish dose response curves for two applications; chronic and hospital induced constipation, and diabetes management. Gratuk has partnered with leading Australian hospitals to design, manage and analyse three clinical trials to date, with 5 more planned for developing future products.

Once the products were proven, Gratuk transferred the IP to MediKane Holdings Ltd. Gratuk was instrumental in providing the technical support needed to develop marketing materials for the products and continues to provide education and support now that these products are available in a retail environment.