Dr Malcolm Ball

Founder - Chief Scientist

Dr Malcolm Ball graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Technology (Biotechnology - effective double major in Chemistry and Biology) from Macquarie University, and the following year achieved an Honours degree in Biotech. That same year, he completed MUCAB Advanced Training in an Introduction to Analysis of Complex Sugars. Since 2002, Malcolm has held a PhD from the UNSW Co-operative Research Centre for Eye Research and Technology in the development of novel methods for the purification and chemical characterisation of high molecular weight glycoproteins.

Malcolm has worked in the field of glycoprotein purification, analysis and biosynthesis since 1995. He worked as a head researcher in the CRC for Eye researcher and Technology, and then as Head of proteomics at Apollo Life Sciences, and senior scientist in proteomics at Fluorotechnics Pty. Ltd. He has also consulted on many projects for entities such as CibaVision, Johnson and Johnson, Macquarie University, Medical Therapeutics Pty Ltd and Novotech Pty Ltd.

Dr Ball’s work as a glycoprotein chemist has always been geared to the production of successful products, initially working in the field of anti-fouling contact lenses then moving to the production of human specific glycoprotei based pharmaceuticals. He also worked to create new and more efficient methods of analysis for proteomics.

In addition to his extensive research and studies, Dr Ball has held a number of professional positions encompassing research, consultancy and development. Since 2009, he has been engaged as a consultant on biotechnology and glycoproteomics and is also the Founder and Chief Scientist of Gratuk Technologies Pty Ltd.